Buy a second hand car - What factors to consider before buying a used car

    Buy a second hand car - What factors to consider before buying a used car

    Are you thinking of buying a car? You want to own a car but don't have enough budget to invest in a brand new car. You can purchase a second hand car but this will require a lot of research about car brands, reputed used car dealers in the city, model no. along with car resale value.

    Today the whole world is suffering from COVID19 crisis. People are now a bit more health conscious, but they still have to go out and earn bread for their family. Everyone is following Social Distancing norms. From carrying sanitizers to wearing face masks and hand gloves, people are adopting every possible measure to safeguard themselves.

    Among these measures, people are willing to buy a personal car or bike for going back and forth between their home and office, to avoid public transport. Since most people have suffered financially due to the economic crisis, the middle-class people working in metropolitan cities are looking to purchase a second hand car.

    You will find numerous second hand car dealers in Delhi, dealing in sale of used cars or old bikes. In order to make a right purchase, you have to consider the following factors for used car valuation.

    1. Budget & Model
    For most people, budget is the primary factor that fits the lower price range of used cars. The secondary factor which impacts the budget is the car model.
    You might visit a used car dealer to buy a 2019 Suzuki Swift, which is available for 3.5 Lakhs. Right beside that swift, you see a 2015 Hyundai Creta for 4.5 lakhs.
    The offer may seem tempting, as for just 1 lakh more, you are getting a bigger, more powerful and spacious car. But this might not be a good investment, as Creta will be more expensive to maintain in the longer run.
    Your aim was to buy an affordable hatch for inner city convenience, but by shelling out extra cash on an attractive price, you bought a car which doesn’t suit your goals.
    So budget is not only about affordability, but it also defines your purpose, which is fulfilled by the right car model.

    2. Documents & Verification
    While deciding to buy a second hand car, you must ensure that your car has all the necessary documents and verifications . These include
    Car History: This includes the registration of license plate, previous ownership(s), covered miles and service record, accidental and damage records.
    Insurance: A car’s insured value helps you in price negotiations. You can transfer the insurance policy from the previous owner or get a new one by yourself.
    PUCC: The car must be verified by the pollution control certificate within the most recent quarter as prescribed in the government guidelines.

    3. Condition & Practicality
    Second hand cars make their first impression on you by appearances, but appearances can be deceiving. A “well maintained” used car should always be checked in-and-out.
    You must access the overall condition of the used vehicle, look for dents and accidental damage, take it for some test drives along with a Car mechanic or someone having expertise in evaluating the condition of the car engine, wheels, battery, who can aid you in valuation of the second hand car on basis of his experience while driving a car.
    Even if the car is too old, it should be practical in day to day life providing suitable mileage, smooth driving experience along with cost effective service maintenance.
    Also, you must make sure original spare parts for the used car are available in the Market. An outdated model of a used car might be cheap but maybe not practical.

    4. Dealership & Reputation
    People can buy second hand cars from any seller, but they prefer to involve a Car agent or buy from a car broker for accurate car valuation and to be satisfied with their purchase decision
    You must consider the reputation of a used car dealer, search online about his car resale business on local business, business directories, search engines.
    You must assess whether you are being offered a pre owned car, certified second hand car or dealer is acting as a car broker. Knowing the business model will let you know what to expect.
    Look for ratings and reviews from car dealers' previous customers. Contact some of the customers to know whether they received what was promised to them…

    5. Financing
    You must consider if a car dealer can finance your car purchase or can aid you get a loan from the bank to buy a used car. This will require your proof of identification, income and residency but will ease and speed up your car purchase on EMI.

    6. After-sales service and Accessories
    Also consider the cost of modifications, car accessories, and after-sales service to be provided by the dealer in the car valuation before making a purchase.

    Make sure you consider all the above factors before buying a used car. You can contact nearest Mahindra First choice dealers in Delhi that help you in car inspection, car valuation and buying of certified used cars. Also you can contact Mahindra First Choice spares for after service and maintenance of your vehicle.